(02/23/2018) Thank You Kenny Kehoe

Thank You Kenny Kehoe

BEDFORD, MA (February, 2018)- Kenny Kehoe comes from a long line of electricians with his grandfather, father, two uncles and siblings all being IBEW Local 103 members. He was always destined to be an electrician. Growing up, Kenny would help his dad out with electrical projects, running wire nuts and tape to him. In 1979, right out of high school Kenny became a 103 member and went to work for Mass Electric. During his time there he ascended from Apprentice to General Foreman. Kenny’s most memorable job at Mass Electric was in 1997, when he worked on the Intel Chip Plant in Portland, Oregon. He was part of a six man team sent by Mass Electric to oversee the Local 48 electricians from Oregon that built the immense plant from the ground up in 11 months

After 28 years at Mass Electric, Kenny joined State Electric as a General Foreman in 2007. He’s worked on numerous jobs throughout Boston that have shaped the city into what it is today. Some of the more notable projects he worked on at SEC were the Paramount Theater, Novartis, Mystic Station, 100 Arlington St. and Studio 57. The Paramount Theater was his favorite project at State Electric because of how it’s a famous landmark in Boston and it was such an intricate job. His commitment to LEAN practices, progressive innovative approach, and superior management skills have helped improve the overall operation of the company. Since Kenny started working at State Electric, he has exemplified what it means to be a great manager and leader.

After a long and successful career as an electrician, Kenny Kehoe will be retiring at the end of February. His plans for retirement include visiting his family in Maryland, getting private bagpipe lessons, working around the house, traveling to new places and checking off the rest of the items on his bucket list. We will all miss hearing his gravelly voice barking orders to his team, jubilant attitude around the office and the occasional shrill from his bagpipes.

On behalf of everyone at State Electric, we would like to thank Kenny for all he has done for the company and wish him the best of luck in retirement!

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