(03/22/2018) Pier 4 Condo Project Trimble Utilization

Pier 4 Condo Project Trimble Utilization

BEDFORD, MA (March, 2018)- State Electric’s Pier 4 Condo project is a concrete frame structure. As the name suggests, the building has a concrete skeleton filled with structural slabs. Because the building’s slabs are all structural, no coring was allowed. With these limitations, Project Manager Jim Ryan, General Foreman Derek Holmes, and his crew had to get resourceful and make the most of the building information model (BIM) process. Utilizing the Trimble Total Station, allowed the project team to translate points from the virtual BIM files and reproduce them in the real world job site. No need for pulling measuring tapes! By making full use of the BIM and the Robotic Total Station, not only did we accelerate our layout and installation, but it also resulted in increased accuracy.

From July 10, 2017, through December 20, 2017, Derek Holmes, Matt Hogan, and Jerome Williams used the Trimble Total Station to lay out all of the riser conduit sleeves, in-slab lighting boxes, condo island sleeves, and pipe rack supports on the plywood decks before the concrete was poured.

Currently, the crew is still using the Trimble Total Station to lay out all of the interior lighting. The traditional method of laying out interior lights is to wait for the walls to be built, and walk around with the ceiling drawings and measure out the lights with a tape measure. This method is extremely time consuming and brings the element of human error into play. Utilizing the Trimble Total Station eliminates these drawbacks and allows lights to be laid out perfectly with the laser feature before the walls are even installed. Our crews are able to be extremely efficient and can expedite the schedule by incorporating the Trimble method. Another benefit is that when it’s time to mount the interior lights we will be able to quickly shoot the self-leveling dot laser to the fixture for a precise install every time.

CAD Coordinators Rocco Capalino and Zelong Le played a major role in the process. Over the course of four months, they worked in conjunction with Derek and the other contractors to complete the virtual model of the building. It was through the information obtained from this model that the points were generated. These points were supplied to Matt Hogan and Jerome Williams to get the Trimble Total Station up and running. Once they had these points, he could set up on site and shoot the points quickly and accurately.

This entire process allowed us to leverage the new and innovative methods on the Pier 4 Condo project. Here at State Electric, we hope to continually strive to improve our operation by utilizing these new and innovative methods on every project to be as efficient as possible.

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