(07/12/2018) 2nd Quarter Foremen’s Meeting: Hilti Firestop Presentation

2nd Quarter Foremen’s Meeting: Hilti Firestop Presentation

BEDFORD, MA (July, 2018) – On July 12th, over 90 State Electric Corporation Foremen, Project Managers, and Executives attended the 2nd Quarter Foremen’s Meeting.

The main focus of the meeting was to review the new fire stopping requirements and installation practices. More specifically the CMR 527 1.00; Massachusetts Comprehensive Fire Code, which recently adopted changes to the Ninth Edition that have substantially increased the design, application, installation, and documentation responsibilities for fire stopping products.

State Electric had Hilti’s Fire Protection Specialist Chris Arlington and Account Manager Thomas Scofield present a comprehensive overview of the CMR 527 1.00 Eighth and Ninth editions. Their presentation covered all of the new code requirements that pertain to electrical construction.

Chris did an outstanding job explaining the fire stopping regulations and how they affect us on our projects. Everyone was also introduced to Hilti’s firestop solutions and products that meet the project specifications as well as the regulations required in the CMR 527 1.00 Ninth Edition.

“These products eliminate installation errors in order to ensure public safety. With more projects requiring third-party testing of the firestop design, installation, and documentation, utilizing Hilti’s products will help us ensure the installation is done right.” State Electric President Ronnie Koning said.

The atmosphere of the meeting was very upbeat, with a positive energy in the room as everyone including the executives learned the new regulations.

A survey was also administered during the meeting to identify the areas where we can improve our operation. The results presented excellent feedback with some great ideas and suggestions that will be reviewed and considered over the next several months.

At the end of the meeting, Ronnie Koning announced that Safety Director John Balboni is leaving State Electric. John has done a wonderful job keeping us all safe and helping us be compliant on our projects. He was a major asset to the State Electric team and will be missed by all. We would like to wish John the best of luck in his new venture.

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