(11/08/2017) State Electric Completes Another Transformative Project In The Seaport

State Electric Completes Another Transformative Project In The Seaport

BEDFORD, MA (November, 2017)- Spanning over 1.5 million square feet, Seaport B+C is the largest mixed-use project in the city of Boston in over 30 years! In total there are 832 luxury apartments situated atop three floors of phenomenal shopping, dining, and entertainment establishments. State Electric’s team led by Luke Rebisz (Project Manager), Derek Holmes (General Foreman) and Tom Page (General Foreman) started working on this project in April of 2016. Our crews worked extraordinarily hard and efficient to complete the electrical work of this massive project in just a year and a half.

Prefabrication was a major focus of ours and a key component to a very successful project. Faced with a tight construction schedule and the logistical challenges working in the Seaport District brings, it was imperative that we maximized our off-site prefabrication operation to finish up on time and within the budget. Kenny Kehoe (Prefab Manager) and the rest of the Prefab crew did a magnificent job assembling and shipping quality electrical components to the job which proved crucial to overcoming the challenges we faced. Being part of the construction team with John Moriarty and Associates was an outstanding experience and we are thrilled to be able to bring another transformative project to Boston’s Seaport!



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