100 Arlington Street

Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Owner: Congress Group Ventures
Client: John Moriarty & Associates
Architect: Elkus Manfredi Architects
Engineer: Cosentini Associates, Inc.

Project Summary

Renovation of an existing 14-story, 165,000 square foot, school building into a residential building with 128 living units.


The project’s completion is delayed eight months due to unforeseen repairs to the existing building structure. Without a weathertight building envelope, new interior walls are not available to allow State Electric’s crews to install the interior electrical system. This schedule change presents significant labor and material cost overruns to the project’s overall budget.


To maximize productivity, and mitigate labor and material escalation cost to the owner, State Electric expands the custom prefabrication and preassembly effort at our shop. As the exterior of the building is being repaired, State Electric’s team assembles and readies for job site delivery 100% of the living unit’s power and lighting rough wired systems.

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