Walmart Stores

Location: Lunenburg and Northbridge, Massachusetts
Owner: Walmart
Client: Lighthouse Electric
Architect: BL Companies

Project Summary

Installation of a 350‐400 KW Solar Photovoltaic System at two existing Walmart locations. Each system included a solar inverter and approximately 700 solar panels producing 290 KW of renewable energy.


Install the system’s 60-pound solar panels and the cement masonry unit blocks (CMU blocks) used for the ballast system on an existing white rubber EPDM roof system.


State Electric crews assembled various roof protection systems and employed specially designed carts to manage the materials hoisted to the roof. Carts rated for 1200 pounds were fitted with rubber wheels to allow the transport of the system parts across the roof to the point of installation. In total, 48 tons of panels and ballast was set in place without damage to the roof system.

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