At State Electric, we’re dedicated to being a valuable resource to our clients at all phases of a project, from design development to project completion and close out. Recognizing that computer technologies have evolved and changed the way our clients do business, we provide the computer-aided building imaging modeling, virtual coordination, and prefabrication services that give our clients the advantage they need to compete and deliver today’s projects.

All our value-added services are performed by a team of in-house professionals proficient with the latest construction technologies and directed by licensed electricians with years of industry experience. They apply their collective knowledge and expertise to deliver information and data in real time, enabling clients to maximize construction efficiencies and production to meet on time and on budget project requirements.

Our project teams understand that in today’s construction industry, where technology and speed of information are critical factors, nothing is more valuable to our clients than providing timely and accurate information when it counts.

State Electric: Your Experienced Partner for Electrical Construction Solutions